Innovation Information

USB Charger

World’s first “Dual-Power” supply LED candle lights

The world’s first LED candle lights powered by AA batteries and USB adapter. This unique design increases portability, makes mood setting for any events anywhere that much easier.

The smart automatic switch to the USB power supply when plugged in gives the batteries longer lifespan, better for your wallet and for the planet.

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Boundless & Flexible

All CellCandle products are no longer requiring any power cables, transformers and plugs, therefore, the placements of our decorative lights are no longer limited by the location of power socket and have no more mess of tangled power cables. Moreover, our lamps can be used worldwide regardless of regions, voltages, power plug shapes and safety standard requirements.

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Bright & Energy-Saving

Thanks to the new LED technology, all Cellcandle products consume exceptionally low energy and therefore running our decorative lights by household batteries are feasilbe.

One of the particular example is that our patent pending E10 LED bulbs operated by batteries will produce same brightness and light emission atmosphere as other bulbs operated by high voltages.

All CellCandle paper stars come with our patent pending illuminated LED hanger which replace normal lamp bulbs. No need to buy or replace bulbs in the future.

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Safe to Children and all users

No risk of power hazard even operating by young children and elderly. Eliminating the chance of fire hazard due to overheating.

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Patent Protection prevents imitations in your region

All CellCandle products are under patent protection or patent application to prevent any fake copies. We are also willing to negotiate exclusive right for distributing our products in your region.

We can also produce exclusively according to your designs and requirements.

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